The close proximity of our mine sites has allowed us to share infrastructure and become more carbon efficient. We also implement “go green” programs such as water recycling by drilling wells and using water pumps, as well as waste management, and encourage energy efficiency across our lines of operations.  

TBS Energi Utama owns and develops a multi-functional forest area (arboretum) within its mining concession area in Sangasanga called “Kayu Arang”, with an area of 40 hectares that is home to 650 native trees of Kalimantan and rare fauna including clouded leopards which are among protected animals.  

The Company also aims to reduce air pollution by adopting new technology device called Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) or limestone system in Sulbagut-1 and Sulut-3 coal-fired power plants, showing its commitment to meet or even exceed global environmental standards.  

We expect that the little things we do can have a big impact on environmental sustainability globally.  


Education rev02

Education is a key factor to improving the quality of life and achieving prosperity. The Company has a great concern in increasing the quality of education around its operations, therefore it continues opening opportunities and supporting access to education to the surrounding communities in a holistic manner. Our contributions include improving educational facilities, bringing in teaching staff, providing honorarium assistance for teachers, computer course, tutoring for junior high school and high school students, and scholarships for students who qualify to public universities in Java.  

In 2020, the Company’s activities in education include providing elementary school students English lesson called “English for Young Learners”, which was also supported by non-governmental organization Aminef Fulbright; tutoring for 30 students of SMA Negeri 1 Sangasanga in collaboration with Primagama tutoring institution; scholarships for underprivileged and high-achiever high school and vocational school students; salary and honorarium assistances for teachers; as well as support for school infrastructure and facilities.  

We have done our research from the ground up to ensure that our contribution is well targeted and has a significant impact to the communities.  



TBS Energi Utama realizes the need to facilitate public access to proper medical services and to ensure the well-being of the people, as one of the pillar of SDGs. The Company has provided support to rural health centers in form of foods for toddlers, medicines for elderly, and general practitioners for medical issues. We also ensure the people can live a healthy living by giving access to clean water and ensuring waste management.  

The COVID-19 pandemic that has engulfed the country led the Company to move and extend its support to the communities. We educated the people to protect themselves and families from getting infected, such as by wearing masks and washings hands; we also provided donations and basic needs for those affected by the virus and the pandemic.  

In a nation-scale, the Company supported the government to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic by donating oxygen concentrators, personal protective equipment, disinfectant sprays, hand sanitizers, masks, etc.  

We believe that health is a basic right for the people and we strive to provide our support to ensure the communities have decent access to proper health services.  

Economy & Socio-Cultural


In doing business, the Company aims to involve the local communities around its operations. We want the people living nearby to grow and achieve economic independence, therefore we design economic-related activities and programs to empower them. The activities and programs are thoughtfully prepared to ensure they can benefit the communities.  

In 2020, most of the programs were aimed to support the people in generating income during the pandemic. The Company empowered farmers groups by lending funds and fields for planting, including seeds and fertilizers; we also provided trainings and advisories to micro and small businesses, such as tools to sell snacks in nice packaging. We also employed people in the communities on a freelance basis to provide jobs in these tough times.  

The Company knows that decent infrastructure is also key to economic growth, therefore we have been improving village facilities and infrastructure including building and repairing roads and bridges, renovating houses and public facilities, as well as providing donations for productive means.  

In a medium- to long-term we expect our programs can make the people independent economically, that they will be able to have the expertise and capacity needed to improve their livelihoods. We want to generate positive impact to the communities wherever we operate in.  

Operating in a country with strong social and cultural values, TBS Energi Utama understands the importance to engage in social and cultural issues in the communities. The Company’s programs in the socio-cultural pillar revolves mainly in religious matters, national celebrations, and social affairs.  

For religious matters, we provide assistance for religious leaders and religious holidays, as well as renovation and construction of mosques. We also gave donations for the people in need, such as water pumps to help push water flow into houses or donations to underpriliged people and flood victims. We understand the benefit of having green open space that we provide a football field and public park in Java Village in Sangasanga.  

The socio-cultural programs gives opportunities to our employees to directly engage with the communities, being part of them in a positive way that reflects our vision of sustainability.