Our Commitment

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TBS Energi Utama believes in generating value for its shareholders and stakeholders, as well as the environment in its operations. Since its inception, the Company’s focus has been on growth and sustainability for the shareholders, the communities, the environment, and the country. Throughout its journey, the Company has discovered that in order to be sustainable, it has to embrace Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices and implement them throughout its operations. The Company is committed to creating positive impact through its business today and in the future.  

The Company has supported the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with its 17 Goals and 169 Targets as a global action plan to end poverty, reduce social inequality, and protect the environment. The Company has implemented various initiatives and actions that are relevant to nine SDGs through its business lines. The focus for the Company in the present and in the future is to find a balance in doing business in line with the 3P (People, Planet, Profit) principle. This is what sustainability really means.

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As a part of our commitment to sustainability, we have taken measures to be more environmentally-friendly in our operations to support a better quality of life and better future for all. We have invested in a cleaner source of energy to complement our business. We have an Environmental Policy in place to support us in reducing our environmental footprint through measures such as efficient logistics, water recycling, and waste management.  


We believe in making contributions to the welfare of our employees and the people outside the Company. The employees of the TBS Energi Utama group of companies are the people who drive us forward. Their success will be our success. We want them to become future leaders and we will ensure that they can develop together with the Company.  

We hold regular trainings and continuously develop our employees, aiming to maximize their talents, performance, and outputs. The Company’s human resources policy adheres to prevailing laws and regulations and upholds human rights, with zero tolerance for abuse and discrimination,   Externally, we have four social programs - in the areas of education, health, economy, and socio-cultural - as our contribution to the communities surrounding the areas of our operations. We want to be a socially responsible company that has a positive impact on the people around us


One of the Company’s missions is “implementing good corporate governance” in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations, as well as best practices. TBS Energi Utama in governance refers to Financial Services Authority Circular (SEOJK) No. 32/SEOJK.04/2015 on Governance Guidelines for Public Companies, Financial Services Authority Regulation (POJK) No. 21/POJK.04/2015 on Implementation of Governance Guidelines for Public Companies, Law No. 40/2007 on Limited Liabilities, Law No. 8/1995 on Capital Market, and Roadmap of Good Corporate Governance issued by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in 2014. We continuously update on the latest laws and regulations, as well as global practices, to improve the Company.  

The Company believes that good governance is the foundation of a sustainable business. By implementing good governance, we expect to gain the confidence of the shareholders and stakeholders and to create positive impact. Our governance team continually reviews our corporate governance policy to ensure that it represents the current domestic and global policy developments.