Structure Of Internal Audit

Internal Audit Unit

Internal Unit Audit is governing organ that functions to perform audit function and provide independent, objective, reasonable, and professional consultation. In the company structure, Internal Audit Unit is below the President Director and required to directly report to the president Director. Head of Internal Audit Unit is appointed by the President Director along with the approval from Board of Commissioners. During executing its daily duties and responsibilities, Internal Audit Unit works according to guidance and supervisory of Audit Committee.

The execution of duties and responsibilities of Internal Audit Unit refers to Annual Audit Plan (RKAT). RKAT consists of work target by taking into account the risk of every audited aspect. Internal audit system with risk assessment based is aimed for ensuring the obedience of operating standards and prevailing legislations. In performing audit, Internal Audit Unit assesses and evaluates the operational and financial activities of the Company as well as the subsidiaries by referring to the prevailing legislations.

Internal Audit Unit Structure

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